About Us

Social Grads is a professional social network that enables college students and graduates to connect to and communicate with employers in order to facilitate career opportunity placement.

Our mission is to allow college students and graduates to land a job position in their field of study in order to advance their career, while assisting employers in locating the right talent.

Our goal is that this social network will facilitate communication between the employer and potential employee. We believe that this sort of communication goes astray from the conventional ways of sending in your resume and hoping that you get a response and an interview to tell the employer about yourself. Instead, our system reverses this process. We want the employer and potential employee to develop a relationship from the very beginning. We believe that each company carries its own culture and finding the right fit for a company relies on more than just submitting an application and/or professional resume. As a result of this instant interaction, we hope this will benefit the future of both parties.

Social Grads also allows you to:

  • . List jobs and internships for college students/graduates,

  • · Create or upload your resume,

  • · Submit your resume and apply for opportunities instantly,

  • · Locate the best-fit talent for your company,

  • · Post polls, events, videos, photos and articles,

  • · Develop a personal or company profile page,

  • · Expand your professional network, and much more.

We monitor our system every hour of the day to ensure a professional environment for our members. As for all users of Social Grads, we kindly ask that you comply with the Terms of Use.

Thank you for using Social Grads. We wish you the best in your career!